Numbers, not adjectives (thank you, professor MacKay!)

This website has been inspired by David MacKay’s wonderful Sustainable energy without the hot air. MacKay urges us to do the math: make a plan that adds up. And his basic strategy is to make rough calculations.

On these ‘numbers pages’ we’ll do just that. Of course, the underlying assumptions are equally important. So we’ll be checking those as well.

The very process of making these rough calculations, is a powerfull way to check your thinking and reasoning. In my experience, finding the basic information you need can be tedious and time consuming. Checking sources is hard work. And you don’t even have to do THAT much calculations before start seeing how easily information gets flawed.

Once you have sources, and once you have discovered how to turn these into usable units, it’s time for the fun part: making the calculations. So far, I’ve made the following ‘numbers’ pages:
– Let’s produce a GWye!
– 1 tonne = 1 GWey
– How much uranium and/or thorium do we need per year?
– How long will our supplies of thorium and uranium last?
How big is that thorium ball?