Sources on Molten Salt Reactors

This page replaces the page that was previously called ‘MSR’s in the news’.

I changed the title, because it seems more important to point out all sorts of sources on molten salt reactors, sources that provide you with adequate information.
News stories on MSR’s, although you see them more and more, are often unfortunately inaccurate.

In many cases this is caused by a lack of understanding by the journalist. The subject is simply too unfamiliar. While the experts in the field often add to the confusion by using or presenting slightly or even completely different numbers, concepts, timelines, opinions etc.

At the present time, there is lack of a clear ‘shared story’ on MSR’s, and before this ‘shared story’ has taken shape, the only way forward is through understanding enough of what’s going on.

So here sources will be presented, accompanied by a few notes on the reliability of the source or the article.

The sources may be in English, Dutch, German or French – or other languages if Google Translate gives a workable translation. All comments will be in English.